Mission Statement

Here at Covenant Comics, our mission is plain and simple, tell meaningful stories in a medium that we love: comics!

Every character and story arc, has had many hours of dedication and care put into them. We make sure to put our best foot forward and we hope that is tangible in these titles that we put out. Covenant Comics stands for what we believe in, that the reader feels a sort of awe and inspiration each time they read. After all, that’s how comics should make us feel. They help us believe in something that is bigger than ourselves and get lost in the wonder. So from everyone here at Covenant Comics, we thank you, for taking the comic book industry to where it is today.

Writer and Letterer

Writer and Letterer

JD Gonzales

Creator and Writer of CROSSBONES.

From an early age, JD had a love for comics, especially anything Batman related. Eventually being so wrapped up in these stories, he began to wonder what a character of his own creation would do in these situations. Thus CROSSBONES was born. Ever since those days, he has spent majority of his time refining this character to be what it is today.

Aside from writing comics, JD works as a graphic designer at a T-shirt printing shop.



Jesse chisum

Creator and Writer of AETHER

Jesse would wake up early on every Saturday morning to watch reruns of Batman The Animated Series, Xmen, and Teen Titans. With his love for these cartoons, he eventually began to start his own comic collection reaching near 500 comics so far, 100 of those being from his favorite character Lobo. He has always been obsessed with the idea of super heroes and super villains and created his own world of them in his comic AETHER. He’s been constantly making updates to this world and its characters and likes to run new ideas by his friend.

A Universe Created at a Lunch Table.

Back in High School, both Jesse and JD (as well as other friends), would spend their lunch periods just talking about these characters that were stuck in their heads. Like what they would do in a certain scenario or who would win in a fight. After all these years, nothing has changed. Just a couple of guys with wild imaginations.

“Batman” and “Bane”

“Batman” and “Bane”

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