Crossbones is a story following an ex-cartel member as he is betrayed by the very people he called his “allies.” Eventually gaining new powers and coming face to face with the evils he has committed, Crossbones is torn right down the middle of who he is.

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Crossbones Issue #1

Into The Inferno

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Crossbones Issue #2





JD Gonzales is the writer and letterer for Crossbones. if you do not like the story, this is the guy that you can blame. however, if you enjoyed the story, i guess he did his job! All jd wants to do is tell a story that others can not only enjoy, but in a way, resonate with. Other than that, there’s not much else to this guy, he just loves good stories.


Crossbones Issues #1 AND #2 wERE completely illustrated by Roman Gubskii. After drawing comic books as a hobby for 10 years, Roman decided to follow his dream of working as a full-time comic book artist. If you would like to check out some more of his artwork, here are the links to his Facebook page:

and his Instagram:


What People Are Saying

“Crossbones seems like it is off to a great start, make sure you keep an eye on this series!”

-Effective Nerd.

“(We) hope that this comic has the receptivity it deserves and we can continue reading this interesting title for a long time…”

-Comic Crusaders.


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